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Capital Improvement Program (CIP)


The CIP is a multi-year planning tool used to identify and implement the City’s capital needs over the upcoming 3-year period. The CIP document summarizes the City’s planned capital and infrastructure improvement projects, including their funding sources, and prioritizes projects after analysis and coordination with other City departments in order to ensure that all department needs are represented. Project selection and priority is based on recommendations by the Department Directors to accommodate high priority needs, which focused on life/safety, maintenance and repair, public and Council input, and other factors. The CIP is intended to provide a comprehensive three-year project list for the City’s known capital and infrastructure needs.

The five general categories within the CIP are as follows:

  • City-Owned Property (C): City facilities including buildings, parking garages and lots
  • Drainage (D): Stormwater systems including roadway drainage and the City’s 12 stormwater pump stations
  • Parks (P): Park infrastructure and facilities including playgrounds, recreation equipment, and restrooms
  • Right-of-Way (R): Roadway improvements including construction, resurfacing, and maintenance of existing bicycle and pedestrian facilities including sidewalk and bike lanes.
  • Transportation (T): New this year, Transportation projects are separated out from Right of Way projects. Transportation projects include traffic and signal improvements that increase traffic flow and capacity, as well as any circulation improvements that expand bicycle/pedestrian thoroughfare beyond the existing facilities in place. For example, new multi-use pathways and the expansion of existing sidewalk
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