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Grading Permits

What is a Grading Permit?

Grading permits are reviewed for compliance with development requirements, and to conform to planning and building permit approvals. Project schedule, geotechnical reports, truck traffic & routing, staging plan, environmental concerns and any special conditions may all be reviewed.

The requirement for a grading permit may be waived on small projects, with less than 50 cubic yards of earth work (cut and fill), where the site is contained, stable, non-hazardous, and is not located near waterways or sensitive habitat.

Inspections will be required at the start of work, and prior to final stabilization. Weather dependent inspections will be completed to verify that erosion controls are working properly.

For projects that will include soil disturbance during construction, applicants must submit an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP) for approval by the municipality.

The purpose of the ESCP is to:

  1. Identify potential pollutant sources that may affect the quality of storm water runoff discharges from the construction site
  2. Document the Best Management Practices (BMPs) that will be implemented and placed in order to prevent, to the maximum extent practicable, construction site pollutants from leaving the site and entering the storm drain system  during all phases of construction
  3. Document erosion control, sediment control, and good housekeeping BMPs that must be implemented year round as appropriate based on construction activities

Information required in the Grading Permit

  • Project Name
  • Assessor’s Parcel Number
  • Location (address as assigned by Planning Department)
  • Name and distance to nearest waterbody
  • Area of Disturbance (in acres or square feet)
  • Total Project Size (in acres or square feet)
  • Amount of Impervious Area Created or Replaced (square feet)
  • Proposed Borrow/Disposal Site
  • Trucks Proposed
  • Estimated Quantities of Earthwork
  • Planned Project Start Date
  • Planned Grading Completion Date
  • Planned Project Completion Date
  • Project Description and Purpose

Grading Permit fees include inspections - $782.00

Applications and Questions

Grading permit applications and questions may be submitted by email to:

DPW Permits


(415) 485-3355, Option 2



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