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Canal Community Based Transportation Plan

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Purpose, Goals and Overview

Project goals:

  • Understand the current challenges for residents of getting around the neighborhood
  • Gather community input to help identify and guide investments in active transportation modes for the next decade
  • Prepare a comprehensive plan
  • Seek funding for projects


The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) initiated the Community-Based Transportation Planning (CBTP) program in 2002 to identify and create an action plan to address mobility needs for lower-income communities through a collaborative effort from residents, community organizations, and transportation agencies. This plan documents the efforts and results of the community-based planning process for the city of San Rafael’s Canal neighborhood.

This is the second CBTP prepared for the Canal neighborhood - the first CBTP was completed in 2006. Study Background is described in Chapter 1. Chapter 2 highlights the demographic and travel characteristics of the neighborhood. Chapter 3 summarizes previous plans with bearing on the neighborhood and lists any Canal-specific recommendations. Chapter 4 documents the engagement process and community-identified transportation gaps, and Chapter 5 includes solutions to address the transportation gaps. Finally, Chapter 6 discusses considerations for implementation and potential funding sources.

Canal Neighborhood Community-Based Transportation Plan

Download Canal Neighborhood Community – Based Transportation Plan

Plan de transporte basado en la comunidad del Canal

Download Plan de transporte basado en la comunidad del Canal

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