Albert Park Improvements

The City will be constructing two projects at Albert Park:

1) Albert Park ADA Wheelchair Ramp and Restroom
2) Albert Park Fence Replacement

Albert Park ADA Wheelchair Ramp and Restroom

Project goals

This project includes ADA improvements, including a new accessible ramp up to the existing stadium seating and the installation of a prefabricated accessible gender neutral restroom building adjacent to the concession stand on the third baseline side.


Planning/Design $55,000
Construction $335,000


The project has been completed and includes a new prefabricated restroom, repaved walkway, new utility connections, and an ADA ramp. The new ADA accessible restroom building consists of four gender-neutral stalls located on the north side of the field. One of the stalls even includes a baby changing station. The brand new ADA ramp provides access between the baseball stands and the new restrooms. These recent upgrades allow for easy and convenient public access to the bleachers with nearby spacious, clean and modern bathroom facilities adjacent to a wheelchair accessible ADA ramp.

Albert Park Fence Replacement

Project goals

This project consists of upgrading the existing fencing along the ADA ramp by installing approximately 80 feet of 16-feet-high fencing, including a gate.


Planning/Design $10,000
Construction $285,000


The project is located at the Albert Park baseball field along Andersen Drive. A contractor has been selected for the fence replacement work. The plan is to complete the project by mid-February. The work is expected to take 5-7 business days.

Project contact

Adeel Shaikh | Junior Engineer

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