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Public Works Permits

Permits during COVID-19 Shelter in Place

The 9am-noon Tuesday, Thursday in-person counter hours are suspended, however we are still issuing encroachment permits, reviewing building and planning permits, and transportation permits remotely for essential construction work.

County Health Department Guidance on Construction must follow Appendix B protocols:

  • B-1 Small Construction Project Safety Protocol
  • B-2 Large Construction Project Safety Protocol


Encroachment Permits

Applications may be submitted online.

Requests for inspections may only be submitted online if your permit was approved for reactivation due to shelter-in-place (contractors should upload photos of completed work):


DPW staff contact for minor temporary Encroachment Permits: JC Agcaoili,

DPW staff contact for Utility Encroachment Permits: Josh Minshall,


Grading Permits

Grading Permits may be submitted electronically for review and approval.

DPW Staff Contact: Josh Minshall,


Land Development Permits

Subdivision maps, improvement plans, tideland, watercourse, easements etc. may be submitted electronically. Phone appointments may be made for essential work.

DPW Staff Contact: Josh Minshall,


Transportation Permits

PDF forms can be found on the Transportation Permits webpage. Completed forms may be submitted electronically to Willie Lagleva,


Sewer Permits

Sewer Permits can be downloaded from the San Rafael Sanitation District webpage. Completed forms may be emailed to Cindy Hernandez,

For Encroachment Permits Only: Please notify us of start date and schedule an inspection  by using this form.

The Department of Public Works issues three major types of permits:

1. Encroachment Permits

An encroachment permit is needed to conduct activities in the “public right of way,” which is public property in the City of San Rafael such as driveways, sidewalks, curbs and gutters. You need an encroachment permit if any structure, object or improvement is placed or constructed in, under or over any public right of way.

2. Grading Permits

Grading is the removal or deposition of earth material by artificial means. Earth material is defined as any rock or natural soil or combination thereof. Grading is generally a combination of excavation (cuts) and placement (fill) of soil. Common examples of grading include, but are not limited to, construction of driveways, building pads, site improvements or reservoirs, and restoration/stabilization of hillsides, slopes or stream banks.

3. Transportation Permits

A transportation permit is required anytime a vehicle and/or load exceeds the following legal dimensions, on roads in the City of San Rafael.

4. See Sanitation District for Sewer Permits

*Please remember to inquire about "NO PARKING" signs if obtaining a permit*

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