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Embarcadero Way One-Way Conversion


Project goals

  • Improve roadway user conditions on Embarcadero Way
  • Minimize conflicts from occurring due to insufficient space for two-way traffic on Embarcadero Way


The San Rafael Department of Public Works is considering converting Embarcadero Way from two-way to one-way eastbound (inbound to the neighborhood), from Marina Court Drive to Marina Court. Embarcadero Way will remain two-way from Third Street to Marina Court Drive.

There is a steep drop-off next to Embarcadero Way from Marina Court Drive to the all-way stop intersection of Mission Avenue-Marina Court/Sea View Avenue. It is infeasible to widen that section of Embarcadero Way to accommodate two-way traffic. This change would result in re-routing downhill Embarcadero Way traffic to Mission Avenue, East Mission Avenue, or Marina Court to exit the neighborhood. Vehicles would still be able to enter the neighborhood via Embarcadero Way and Mission Avenue.


The primary impact of this proposal is that westbound (downhill) traffic on Embarcadero Way will be diverted to Mission Avenue, Marina Court, or Sea View Avenue, while minimizing conflicts on Embarcadero Way. The diverted traffic can be absorbed by the surrounding street network without any capacity issues.

Traffic volumes were collected on all legs of the all-way stop-controlled intersection of Mission Avenue-Marina Court/Sea View Avenue for a week in January 2022, while schools were in session. The morning and afternoon peak hour volumes were recorded. The 17 am peak hour trips and 12 pm peak hour trips would have to use other streets to exit the neighborhood. Mission Avenue, Marina Court, and Sea View Avenue all have excess capacity to accommodate the rerouted trips.  Below are images showing current configuration and volumes with the proposed configuration other options to leave and enter the neighborhood.

Figure 1 - Existing Configuration and Peak Hour Volumes, AM-PM
Figure 1: Existing Configuration and Peak Hour Volumes, AM (PM)
Figure 2 Proposed Circulation
Figure 2: Proposed Circulation


Virtual Community Meeting TBD

Project contact

Lauren Davini, PE, TE | Senior Traffic Engineer

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