Francisco Blvd. East Sidewalk Improvement Project

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2018: The existing sidewalk along Francisco Boulevard East is traversed daily by pedestrians and bicyclists who must navigate the congestion of fire hydrants and power poles. The Francisco Boulevard East Sidewalk Widening Project is a pedestrian and bicycle improvement project that will install an 8-foot wide sidewalk/bike path along Francisco Boulevard East. The sidewalk will be widened between Vivian Street and the Grand Avenue Bridge to provide additional room for pedestrians and bicyclists.

In 2006, Congress established the Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Program, in which specific counties across the nation, including the County of Marin, were awarded federal funds to design and construct facilities that would enhance and encourage non-motorized transportation. The City subsequently entered into an agreement with the County of Marin in 2007 to receive funding to design a widened sidewalk along Francisco Boulevard East between Vivian Way and Grand Avenue.

In 2008, the City retained Jacobs, an engineering consulting firm, to perform extensive public outreach and produce construction plans, specifications, and an engineer’s cost estimate that were advanced to approximately the 90-percent design level. In August 2013, when additional federal funding became available, the City retained another consulting firm, CH2M Hill, to obtain environmental clearance and bring the plans and specifications package to the 100-percent design level.  The City also obtained environmental clearance (i.e., NEPA) in 2014, at which time the project went dormant due to a lack of funding.

Updated Project General Timeline (January 2020)

➢ Planning and Coordination:                    September 2018 – January 2020
➢ Construction Bidding & Award:           January 2020 – March 2020
➢ Construction:                                                  May 2020 – January 2021
➢ Street Resurfacing:                                      January 2021 - April 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this path will connect with the recently completed Grand Avenue bridge.  The intent is to improve pedestrian and bicycle access from the Canal neighborhoods to downtown San Rafael.

Some of the parallel parking will be temporarily inaccessible during construction, but there will be no elimination of existing parking spaces along the frontages.

If any of the privately-owned infrastructure is within the Francisco Blvd East right-of-way and
are in the way of the new sidewalk, they will likely need to be moved onto private property or
eliminated. The City will work with property owners where this is necessary to achieve an
amicable solution

No, businesses and resident’s utility hookups will not be disrupted during construction.

Yes. The construction will likely be completed in short phases along the ¾ mile long stretch,
rather than all at once.

No. The new sidewalk will be entirely within the Francisco Blvd East right-of-way.

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