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B Street Conversion

Nhat Phan
Traffic Engineer

Phase II: B Street Conversion from One-Way Street to Two-Way Street Plan

C and D Street conversions from one-way streets to two-way streets were completed in Fiscal Year 2020 (Phase I).

Currently, B Street is a one-way southbound from 5th Avenue to 2nd Street. The Police and Fire Departments have been collaborating with Public Works to come up with a plan to implement Phase II of the Project by converting B Street to two-way traffic. This will greatly help with emergency response time. There are other added benefits of converting a one-way street to two-way, including ease of access and studies showing decreases in vehicle speeds resulting in traffic calming, decreases in number and severity of collisions, decreases in auto break-ins, and increases in property values. The article at the following link provides more information on benefits of two-way streets:

Proposed Traffic Conversion

Project Timeline

  • July 2023: Phase 1 - Traffic Signal Modification
  • July – August 2023: Phase 2 – Opening of B Street to Two-Way South of 4th Street
  • August – September 2023 – Phase 3 – Opening of B Street to Two-Way North of 4th Street

Any major changes to timeline will be communicated via the project website and City of San Rafael NextDoor posts.

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