C Street Garage: C St entry

Free Weekend Parking at City Garages

Jim Myhers, Parking Services Manager
1400 5th Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901
Downtown (5th Ave):
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm

Boro Community Center (50 Canal St.):
Monday/ Friday: 10:00am-5:00pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed


The Gates Are Up On Weekends!

Garage motto: for a change

Until further notice, public parking is free in the two 5-story parking garages in Downtown San Rafael, all weekend long! These parking garages are near 4th & A Street and 4th & C Street. The "free weekend parking" pilot program is for the A Street and C Street garages only and does not apply to surface lots or parking meters. Look for the new, blue parking wayfinding signs or check out this map.

Weekends Are Free in Garages

The Downtown Parking/Wayfinding Study, completed in Fall 2017, indicated that the Downtown parking reality isn't as challenging as many believe it to be. Without a doubt, occupancy rates are high (at around 90% for 4th Street meters during much of the day). However, the A Street and C Street garages located in the core of the Downtown San Rafael, have plenty of empty parking spaces.

The Downtown Parking/Wayfinding Study included significant public outreach. A Community Working Group was convened for 8 months to discuss the draft final report. Through outreach & discussions, one of many recommendations was a 6-month pilot program to provide free parking in the A Street and C Street Garages on Saturdays--thus providing free parking all weekend long, since Sunday is already free. The goal of this pilot program is to increase awareness of garage parking as a cheap, easy, and guaranteed parking option: no stress required! Here's our new motto: “For a Change, Try a Garage.”

Thank you to all who helped bring this project together, including our stakeholders groups, community members, the BID, City staff & local vendors.


Downtown Parking Map For a ChangeDownload + Print Map

Check out some of our new parking signs!

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