Pride Flag

The City of San Rafael celebrates Pride Month

Follow these steps to use your parking validation


1 hr parking validations graphic1. Park at the A St. Garage or the C St. Garage. These garages have gated arms at the entrance/exit.

2. At the gated entrance dispenser, take a parking ticket & keep it with you.

3. Look for the 1 HOUR FREE PARKING logo in the windows of businesses that offer parking validation. View list of participating businesses.

4. Obtain a 1 hour free parking validation from a participating business & keep it with you.

5. Insert the parking entry ticket into the automated pay machine (located on ground level of each garage). The machine will display the fee due.

6. Insert the validation to obtain your 1 hour free, then pay any remaining balance due.

7. Take the validated ticket from the pay station dispenser. Use it within 15 minutes to exit the garage.


A Street and C Street Garage mini map

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