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Frequent Parker Card: Discounted Parking

Brochure for Monthly & Frequent Parker Programs

The "Frequent Parker Card" (FPC) is a 50% off discount parking card.

  • The FPC is for garage parking in the 5-story garages, located near 4th/A and 4th/C St.
  • The FPC is ideal for those who frequent downtown, yet don't visit daily.
  • The normal hourly rate in these garages is $1.00 p/hr.  When you use the card, the rate you pay is $0.50 p/hr.
  • The FPC costs $25 and is a ONE-TIME fee required to obtain the card.
  • No application is required.
  • Downtown employees who work part-time, love these cards!
  • Get FPC User Instructions here.
  • Send us an email to get started.
  • Questions? Send us an email.
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