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Garage Monthly Parking Program

Monthly Parking

  • Processes payments automatically & electronically on the 25th each month
  • Lets you manage your Parking Card(s) account, payment info, get receipts, add/delete cards via a secure login
  • Offers credit/debit card payments
  • Is required for all City of San Rafael Monthly Garage Parkers
  • Offers an affordable monthly rate of $73 per card
  • Offers a discounted monthly rate of $68  per card when a business has 4+ cards on the same online account
  • Charges a $2 Service Fee w/ each monthly payment
  • Requires that you pick-up any new Parking Card(s) at the Parking Services Office
  • With the Recurring Online Payments Program, cash/checks/credit/debit cards are not accepted at the Parking Office

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