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Monthly Parking Account Terms & Conditions: A St. and C St. Garages

Payments & Fees

  1. Your Monthly Parking Card fee shall be $73 per card plus a $2 Service Fee per account (regardless of the number of cards on your account). A Group Discount Rate of $68 per card is offered for accounts with four (4) or more cards on the same account. These fees are subject to periodic adjustment by the San Rafael City Council.
  2. Payments will be electronically charged to the credit/debit card entered in the online payment portal, on the 25th of each month. Any changes to the card account must be made by the 24th of each month. Payment is considered late at the close of business on the 1st of the month. Cards will be deactivated for non-payment at this time. For Parking Card reactivation, a $15 per card fee will apply.
  3. Payment must be made via online recurring payments using a credit/debit card only.
  4. A $10 deposit per card is required for issuance of a Parking Card. Upon termination of this agreement, if the Parking Card is returned to the Parking Services office, a card deposit refund will be made in cash, provided that the parking account is current, paid in full, the Parking Card is in working condition, AND provided that a $10 card deposit was made when the account was opened. The card deposit of $10 will not be refunded if you were not charged the deposit initially.
  5. Lost, stolen or broken Parking Cards should be reported immediately. A replacement deposit of $10 will be charged for each replacement card. Keep your Parking Card out of direct contact with the sun as it may warp or crack due to heat.

Late Fee/Parking Card Reactivation

  1. If full account payment has not been received by the close of business on the 1st of the month, the Parking Card will be deactivated. Parking Card reactivations must be done in the online payment portal.
  2. Reactivation of a deactivated Parking Card is dependent upon the availability of space in the parking facility at the time of payment.
  3. For Parking Card reactivation, a $15 per card fee will apply.

Refund Policy

The City will not make any refunds for Parking payments.

Termination of This Agreement & Your Monthly Parking Account

  1. Cardholders may terminate this agreement by cancelling online. Parking Cards are the property of the City and shall be returned upon termination of this agreement.
  2. The City reserves the right to cancel the card/permit and privileges at any time, without cause, with 30 days’ written notice mailed to account holder. Account holder acknowledges that the City is not obligated to relocate account holder upon notice of termination of the parking account or closure of the subject garage.
  3. Failure to pay monthly parking fees continuously may result in the Parking Card being terminated and the account closed on the 1st day of the month following non-payment.


  1. A Parking Card authorizes the cardholder to park one (1) automobile in an available space, subject to posted restrictions and restrictions contained herein and at the sole risk of the cardholder, ONLY at the location listed on the application.
  2. Owners of more than one vehicle may use a single card for more than one vehicle as long as only one vehicle is parked in the garage at a time.
  3. Parking Cardholders must have their card in possession when parking. The Parking Card must be used to enter AND exit the garage each time.
  4. Taking a ticket from the ticket dispenser upon entry, shall result in payment of the posted parking fees.
  5. The cardholder is responsible for updating any online information regarding credit/debit card information, address, phone # and email address. Failure to comply fully with a request for necessary information may result in immediate cancellation of this account agreement.
  6. Any cardholder found to be misusing their parking privileges will be subject to termination of privileges.
  7. Parking cardholders must park in the area or level authorized by his/her agreement between the hours posted in each garage, regardless of whether he/she uses a Parking Card or pays cash.
  8. Failure to properly register your vehicle with CA DMV, or misuse of parking spaces may subject your vehicle to citation.
  9. Vehicles are subject to the enforcement of any and all California Vehicle Codes and San Rafael Municipal Codes while parked in facilities.
  10. Storage of a vehicle in any facility is prohibited.
  11. This agreement authorizes the cardholder to park for up to three (3) consecutive days (or 72 hours) in the garage for which the Parking Card was issued. Parking longer than 72 consecutive hours may result in a citation, or the vehicle being towed. Temporary exceptions may be made by writing and obtaining prior authorization from the Parking Services office at

By accepting the Parking Card, cardholder acknowledges that the City of San Rafael, as licensor, is not responsible for fire, theft, damage to, or loss of a vehicle or any article left therein. Only a license is granted hereby and no bailment is created. Cardholder has read, understands, and shall comply with the terms and conditions of this Parking Card.

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