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Racial and Social Equity in San Rafael

Be part of the conversation

The City Council and staff are committed to finding solutions to address systemic racial injustice that pervade our society and community. We recognize that San Rafael is not immune to the social and economic challenges that disproportionally impact not only our black community, but all people of color.

Real movement towards addressing racial injustice and prejudice will require action from our City Council and conversations with our community. Change happens through our local, democratically elected representatives at all levels of government, public and transparent decision-making, and the participation of voices in our community.

Every police department has a huge role to play in racial justice. However, racial justice and systemic racism will not be solved solely with changes to police departments across the United States. Systemic (or Institutional) racism impacts nearly every facet of life and involves housing, criminal justice, health care, employment, education, and many other issues. The City is committed to these community conversations as we work together with other levels of government (County, State, Federal), schools, businesses, medical providers, non-profits, and others on these issues.

Learn more about the San Rafael Police Department's commitment to the community with regards to use of force.

What Actions are We Taking?

One immediate action is the Mayor and City Council have committed to signing President Barack Obama’s Mayor’s Pledge and reviewing San Rafael’s policing policies in the upcoming weeks as they relate to the 8 Can’t Wait guidelines.
The Mayor has developed a task force to conduct this review:
  • Alyssa Martinez, community member
  • Bishlam Bullock, community member
  • Carly Bainbridge, community member
  • Damien Oyobio, community member
  • Diana Bishop, Chief of Police
  • Ember A. Vosmek-Park, community member
  • Gary Phillips, Mayor
  • Jim Schutz, City Manager
  • Justin Read, community member
  • Lorenzo Jones, community member
  • Lucia Martel-Dow, community member
  • Kate Colin, Vice Mayor
  • Renee Vargas, community member
  • Ruth Etcheverria, community member
  • Rob Epstein, City Attorney
Following this review we will examine at service delivery around public safety in the coming months as we review the City's annual goals and objectives.  What we do next needs to be shaped and informed by community input. We will be putting together a broader process for community participation.

Provide feedback and suggestions

We invite the community to be a part of the conversation to guarantee the public safety and economic opportunity of all San Rafael residents, regardless of color, and work to eliminate the barriers facing people of color in our community.

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to share your thoughts, feelings, and suggestions on how the City of San Rafael and the San Rafael Police Department should take action to face the challenge of injustice in our society.

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