Performance Metrics

The City is implementing a performance measurement approach to track progress towards annual goals and objectives. The goals of our performance measurement program are to: 

  • Track the City’s progress on targets set in key policy areas,  
  • Track the outcomes of activities conducted by the City, 
  • Use the metrics and relevant data to help inform decision-making, progress towards our goals and objectives, and improve outcomes. 

In 2022, the City Council approved 15 key metrics to track the City’s progress towards the goals and objectives within the policy focus areas: 

  • Economic Growth 
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging 
  • Sustainability, Climate Change, & Disaster Preparedness 
  • Housing & Homelessness.  

In FY 2022-2023, the City collected data related to each metric, established a baseline for the metric, and trendlines.

This page will be updated with performance metric data once approved by the City Council in June.

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