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COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) information and resources

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Renters & Landlords


Andrew Hening
Director of Homeless Planning & Outreach

1400 Fifth Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901


The City of San Rafael has adopted a variety of policies and programs to support landlords and tenants. You can use this page to find out more about these resources.

Temporary COVID-19 Eviction Ban

On July 28th, 2020, the Marin County Board of Supervisors approved Resolution 2020-84, amendment to Resolution 2020-60, which bars evictions in Marin County due to the public health emergency arising from COVID-19, and is in effect countywide, in every city, town and unincorporated area of Marin. Resolution 2020-84 extends the eviction moratorium in Marin County to September 30, 2020 for all residential tenants that are suffering financial impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Resolution includes a 90-day repayment period after this date for residential tenants.

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