Sister City – San Rafael Del Norte, Nicaragua

We have much in common with the town of San Rafael del Norte, Nicaragua,  located in the north-central area of the country in the  province of Jinotega. We are both non-urban, non -industrial communities of approximately the same size – San Rafael  del Norte’s population is over 30,000, they are both situated  at the foot of a scenic mountain in rolling hills and verdant  valleys of areas known throughout the world for their natural splendor and beauty, they have both developed over the  past centuries from early Spanish missions, which are exemplified by their respective mission churches and their predominant architectural influence. Additionally, they both embrace creativity and community of spirit in improving the lives of their residents.

A relationship had already existed between our cities, a resident from San Rafael had visited San Rafael del Norte as the guest of its mayor, Senora Norma Herrera Zeledon, and delivered a donation of educational materials, and returned with a letter of greetings to the Mayor of San Rafael Lawrence Mulryan, children from both communities have begun to exchange letters and drawings, and cultural and educational activities have been held locally, resulting from these contacts.

The people of San Rafael committed to the active pursuit of world peace through grassroots people-to-people and city-to-city friendship and cultural exchange. The San Rafael del Corazon (“from the heart”) Sister City Project, a voluntary citizen effort, was initiated by residents of San Rafael and is supported by this community and the City of San Rafael and its residents will benefit from this relationship in many ways, including opportunities for residents of all ages to learn about another community and culture, and to teach about their own community and culture.

The City of San Rafael adopted a resolution in the spirit of building friendly relations between the Peoples of San Rafael, California and San Rafael Del Norte, not as a political statement between the two cities or any members of the San Rafael City Council.

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