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November 5, 2024 Election

The next General Municipal Election will be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2024.

The Nomination Period is currently open and closes on Friday, August 9th. If you are interested in running for Office, you can submit a Candidate Application to make an appointment with our office. The Offices up for election this year are as follows:

City of San Rafael Election

District 1 Councilmember
District 4 Councilmember
City Attorney
City Clerk

Board of Education Election

Trustee Area 1
Trustee Area 3
Trustee Area 5

Nomination Papers taken out and filed

Members of the community interested in running for office can schedule a meeting with me and take out Nomination Papers, but that doesn't qualify them as a candidate for the election. They would need to file their documents with the City Clerk, and if running for a City office, we would need to verify they received the correct number of signatures on their petition. Once a person is 'qualified', our office will update the table below with 'YES'. The City Clerk's office will be updating this table below immediately upon a change, so you may rely on this table for up-to-date information about who is taking out papers, who has filed, and who has been qualified as a candidate.

Name & Office Sought Date Taken Out Date Filed Qualified?
Lindsay Lara, City Clerk & Assessor 7/15/2024
Robert Epstein, City Attorney 7/15/2024
Rachel Kertz, Councilmember District 4 7/15/2024
Kate Colin, Mayor 7/15/2024
Mahmoud A. Shirazi, Mayor 7/16/2024
Maureen de Nieva, Board of Education Trustee Area 3 7/18/2024

San Rafael Districts Map

Trustees Areas Map

Independent Expenditures

An independent expenditure is an expenditure made in connection with a communication (e.g., a billboard, advertisement, mailing) that expressly advocates the nomination, election, or defeat of a clearly identified candidate or the qualification, passage, or defeat of a clearly identified measure. An independent expenditure is a payment that is not made to—or at the behest of—the affected candidate or committee. For more information, also visit the California Fair Political Practices Commission.

City of San Rafael Independent Expenditure Ordinance

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