Pride Flag

The City of San Rafael celebrates Pride Month

Sister City – Chiang Mai, Thailand

In 1990, Mayor Mulryan announced that community members recently visited Thailand, and noted it is a City of 100,000 people and is a market community similar to the City of San Rafael with a heritage of logging, also similar to San Rafael. He said the Mayor and residents of Chiang Mai were interested in beginning a friendship with San Rafael because of the number of ties with Southeast Asians in our community. Mayor Mulryan suggested the City of San Rafael “open its arms” to such a relationship.

Mayor Mulryan traveled to Thailand, where he presented a Resolution for a Sister City relationship with the Town of Chiangmai in Northern Thailand, and noted San Rafael was the first City to offer a Sister City relationship and that he had a very warm welcome from the the residents of Chiangmai. Additionally, the Mayor of Chiangmai, along with 30 people, came to San Rafael on November 27th, 1990 to learn about sanitation and education. They toured the Central Marin Sanitation Plant and Davidson School and a luncheon was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in their honor.

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