Our mission is to enhance the quality of life and provide for a safe, healthy, prosperous and livable environment in partnership with the community.


City Attorney

Providing legal advice to the City Council and departments.

City Clerk

Keeping the records straight.

City Council

Elected to enhance the quality of life and provide for a safe, healthy, prosperous and livable city.

City Manager

Advising the City Council on policy matters and managing the operations of the City departments.

Community Services

Providing childcare and recreation programs for all ages.

Community Development

Providing planning, building, and code enforcement services.

Economic Development

Moving your business forward.

Fire Department

Compassionate and predictable fire, paramedic, and emergency services.


Managing of our financial resources.

Human Resources

Great vision without great people is irrelevant.


Finding a home for everyone.

Digital Service & Open Government

Helping the City deliver better services.

Parking Services

Efficient and ethical parking resources for better mobility.


Adding value to your universe.

Police Department

Keeping San Rafael safe.

Public Works

Building, maintaining and repairing our civic infrastructure.

Sanitation District (Sewers)

Transporting wastewater from our homes and buildings to the treatment center.


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions to make tomorrow a better place.

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