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Rebecca Woodbury
Director of Digital Service & Open Government

1400 Fifth Avenue, Room 207
San Rafael , CA 94901

Helping the City deliver better services

We provide oversight of the City's technology operations, help desk support, network infrastructure, citywide open data initiatives, performance measurement, service design, and community engagement. We do this by designing for users, practicing continual improvement, using data to drive to decisions, and modernizing our technology stack.

We …

  • Make government more accessible, transparent, equitable, and accountable
  • Redesign processes and leverage technology to save time and money
  • Build trust in government


  • Prioritizing community / user needs
  • Continuously improving
  • Modernizing our technology stack and reducing our dependence on inflexible and expensive technology
  • Protecting sensitive information and keeping systems secure
  • Using data to drive decisions
  • Defaulting to open


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