San Rafael Sanitation District (Sewers)

Keeping it clean

The San Rafael Sanitation District's mission is to responsibly collect and transport wastewater from our customers to Central Marin Sanitation Agency for treatment, utilizing cost effective, environmentally sound, and safe practices. We serve the Central San Rafael area, south from the top of Puerto Suello Hill and includes the unincorporated areas within this jurisdiction. Our crew of eight maintains 32 pump stations, 13 miles of force main, and clean 132 miles of sewer pipelines. This collection and transportation system then delivers wastewater, for treatment to the Central Marin Sanitation Agency.

The San Rafael Sanitation District was formed on May 26, 1947 by the Board of Supervisors of the County of Marin, per Resolution Number 938. The principle enabling legislation for the District is the California Health and Safety Code, Division 5, Part 3, Chapter 3.

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