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Apply today to serve on the Cannabis Industry Tax Oversight Committee!

We are recruiting for applications to fill one vacancy on the Cannabis Industry Tax Oversight Committee through the end of February 2024. The Committee’s mission is to monitor Measure G revenues and expenditures and conduct an annual report process. Measure G provides locally-controlled funding to support the administration of a cannabis oversight program, enhancement of … Continued

Upcoming Changes to San Rafael Public Meetings

Since April 2020, City of San Rafael meetings have taken place via video conference on the Zoom platform. As an accommodation during the COVID-19 pandemic, five separate methods of submitting public comment were enabled to allow members of the public various opportunities to participate in City business while this virtual format is in place. As … Continued

Boards and Commissions December 2019 Appointments

In December, the City Council appointed five members to the ADA Access Advisory Committee: Ashley Tomerlin, Ewen McKechnie, John Erdmann, Timothy Lord and Francine Falk-Allen. Here is a little information about our newly appointed members: Ashley Tomerlin is a Certified Access Specialist and landscape architect specializing in inclusive outdoor recreation environments and Title II accessibility. Professionally, … Continued

Boards and Commissions November 2019 Appointments

In November, the City Council appointed four members to the Park and Recreation Commission: Mark Machado, Cicily Emerson, Ariel Gutierrez and Jeren Seibel, and four members to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee: Barry Bergman, Philip Mooney, Marc Solomon, Jim Geraghty and Anne Coyne. Here is a little information about our newly appointed members: Mark Machado has lived … Continued

Fire Commission October 2019 Appointment

The City Council met in a special meeting in October to interview applicants and make an appointment to the Fire Commission. We received seven great applications, and the City Council selected Elias Hill to serve on the San Rafael Fire Commission. Here is a little information about our newly appointed member: Eli Hill attended his … Continued

Pickleweed Advisory Committee Vacancies

Interested in serving on a board or commission? Apply today to serve on the Pickleweed Advisory Committee! The Pickleweed Advisory Committee provides valuable input in representing and advocating for the Canal area resident’s needs and wishes for programs and services; and is a primary public networking resource between the Canal residents, representatives from governmental and … Continued

Fire Commission Vacancy for July 2019

Interested in serving on a board or commission? Serving on a board or commission is a rewarding way to be involved in, and of service to, your community. We are recruiting applicants for the Fire Commission. The Fire Commission consists of five members and two alternate members who advise and support the goals and objectives of … Continued

Boards and Commissions July 2019 Appointments

The City Council met in June at a special meeting to interview applicants and make appointments to the Planning Commission and the Design Review Board (DRB). We received incredible applicants: seven for the Design Review Board and six for the Planning Commission. The City Council selected Stewart Summers and Samina Saude to serve on the Design … Continued

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