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Your Go-Bag

When you have a household or business emergency plan, make sure you have the tools and supplies needed for your plan on hand. This is your emergency kit.

Emergency kits don't have to cost much. You can use older, used or extra items around your house:

  • Clothes with holes in them are enough to keep you warm and clean in a disaster.
  • Old prescription glasses may not keep you at 20/20 now, but they are better than having no glasses at all.
  • It's also great to pick up kit items at thrift stores, garage sales and buy one/get one sales at your grocery store.

A little bit at a time over a few weeks and you'll have a full emergency kit for your household at little cost.

You should check your emergency kit at last twice a year and change any items like food or medicine that may be expiring in the next six months.

Replace any seasonal clothes for the weather season that's ahead. When you change your clocks in the spring and fall, consider updating your emergency kits at that time.

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