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1hr 2 get ready

1 Hour 2 Get Ready

2022 Upcoming Classes

  • Schedule to be determined

If you attended a "1 Hour 2 Get Ready" class, please take a few minutes to PROVIDE FEEDBACK and help improve future classes.

The "1 Hour 2 Get Ready" class focuses on easy things you can do at home and with your family to be more prepared for a emergency or large-scale disaster.  The class focuses on 3 keys to being prepared: Be Informed, Have a Plan, and Gather Supplies.

Get Informed and Engaged

  1. Register for SRFD and County Emergency Alerts at
  2. Register for SRPD emergency alerts by texting your ZIP Code to 888-777 or at
  3. Get power alerts from PG&E.
  4. Meet with your neighbors now, to learn how you may help each other later.
  5.  Create a Neighborhood Response Group.

Create and Practice a Family Emergency Plan

  1. Create a plan for sheltering in place.
  2. Create a plan for evacuating.
  3. Have a meeting place near your home and outside your neighborhood.
  4. Have a communication plan.  Memorize phone numbers and identify an out-of-area contact.
  5. Practice your plan.  Engage everyone.
  6. Review and update your plan at least annually.

Gather and Organize Supplies

  1. Have a GO-BAG with essential items ready and packed.
  2. Have a DISASTER KIT.  Store food and water to assure you can survive if you can't leave home.  Have at least 1 gallon of water, per person, per day.
  3. Develop a "Grab and Go List" of the items you would need and want to take if you had to evacuate in a hurry.
  4. Maintain habits of preparedness.  Avoid waiting until the last minute to refill gas tanks, shop for groceries, or refill medications.


Feedback from past "1 Hour 2 Get Ready" classes

  • "Presented in a way that you leave with a feeling of "I can do this.", rather than one of overwhelming dread."
  • "Thank you for offering this talk. I have found it helpful and I thought I already knew everything! :)"
  • "I now have go bags for myself and my husband and a larger disaster container."
  • "The presenter was so knowledgeable and such a good speaker, she really brought us along from zero concern or planning to really thinking about both our own household and our neighborhood."
  • "Easy to follow suggestions about what to pack in a go bag and a disaster kit."
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