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Roadway Clearance Projects

In order to improve evacuation routes, vegetation will be reduced along roads in priority neighborhoods throughout the City. The project has been funded by the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority (Measure C). 

Work will focus on roadside vegetation that is 14 feet above the road surface and up to 10 feet from road edges. Clearing vegetation and tree limbs from these areas will improve emergency responder access, reduce the amount of heat that evacuating residents might be exposed to during a fire, improve visibility, and expand usable width of roadways on narrow hillside streets. 

The roadside vegetation management work being conducted under this project is work that property owners are legally required to maintain under the California Fire Code and the San Rafael Municipal Code (SRMC 4.12), but have not. The Fire Chief has authorized the removal of this vegetation to reduce hazardous conditions along evacuation routes.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Rarely. This program will focus on trimming individual tree limbs, shrubs, and other vegetation that overhangs the roadway. No mature trees will be removed unless a safety hazard is identified by a certified arborist and/or fire officials and it is determined that removal is the only safe option.  

No, vegetation removal will occur in and from the public right-of-wayIf vegetation that threatens evacuation routes is observed outside of the right-of-way, clearly on private property, SRFD will ask permission before removing.  

The work has been authorized by the Fire Chief under the San Rafael Municipal Code and California Fire Code. 

Yes. If crews observe dead trees, downed limbs, or dead vegetation within reach of the roadway, they will remove the debris. 

Roadside work typically occurs in the Spring of every year and focusses on areas with increased risks across the entire City. If you would like to report hazardous roadside vegetation in your neighborhood, please call the defensible space hotline with specific information at (415) 485-3054

This work will improve evacuation safety and emergency responder access during a wildfire by reducing the amount of flammable vegetation along and above roadways. 

This work is the first step towards evaluating areas and installing parking boxes. Our hope is that vegetation removal along roadways will increase safe parking options while still allowing for access and emergency egress. 

If you have any questions about the City’s roadway clearance program please contact our Defensible Space Team at (415) 485-3054 or srfd.dspace@cityofsanrafael.org

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