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Chipper Program

San Rafael Municipal Code requires the creation of Defensible Space around all homes and structures in the City. One way we are supporting our residents in their efforts to achieve defensible space is through free curbside chipper services. Our primary chipper program is currently managed by FireSafe Marin and funded through the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority.  Residents can directly sign up online for this free service. There is also an interactive map to help identify when the chipper will be in your neighborhood.


FIRESafe Marin Chipper Program

FIRESafe MARIN provides support for "Chipper Days" that allow us to assist communities, homeowner's associations, fire departments, and individual landowners with vegetation-fuel reduction to reduce wildfire hazards in Marin. Check out their schedule to see when they're in your neighborhood!

Vegetation Compliance Letter

Beginning late spring of each year, the San Rafael Fire Department Vegetation Management Division will inspect properties located within and near the Wildland Urban Interface to determine compliance with the regulations outlined in the Vegetation Management Standards 4.12.

If you've received one of these, don't panic! Give us a call at (415) 485-3308 or email us and we'll answer any questions you have.

Other Vegetation Disposal Resources

  1. Once a year FireSafe Marin offers Neighborhood Grants for Disposal!
  2. Self-funded Chipper Day: Some neighborhoods will divide the cost of a Chipper Day and assess the Chipper participants individually. Other option is to assess the entire association the cost of a Chipper Day.
  3. Marin Sanitation Service offers an additional “Green Can” for $1.50 a month. Give them a call at (415) 456-2601.
  4. In Nicasio there is a large dirt area where residents can drop off all their vegetation on Green Waste Days for a fee. Please, no building materials, general debris or garbage and no palm trees please. To find out when the next Green Waste Day will be call (415) 473-6717
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