Protecting San Rafael from wildfire is a team effort, we need your help. Take a look at our Wildfire Safety Action Plan and let us know what you think.

The San Rafael Wildfire Prevention and Protection Action Plan outlines various goals to proactively and aggressively address the growing risks associated with wildfire. The draft Plan was presented to San Rafael City Council on January 22nd, 2019 by San Rafael Fire Chief Chris Gray and Emergency Manager Quinn Gardner.  An updated plan, including community feedback, will be brought to City Council in March.

A community meeting at 7pm on Monday February 11th will provide an overview of the plan, similar to what was presented to City Council on January 22nd and provide time for community feedback.

The primary objectives of the plan include: Ordinance changes to mitigate wildfire risk; additional staffing, funds, and resources to address hazards; expanded and new public outreach and education; expanded and new fuel reduction; expanded and new preparedness efforts; and improving and increasing vegetation management plans (VMPs).

San Rafael is seeking additional public comment on the Plan. Please consider reviewing the plan and providing feedback via the form below.


Wildfire Prevention and Protection Action Plan Feedback

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