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Homeownership Programs

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Ownership Housing Program

The Below Market Rate (BMR) ownership housing program is administered by Marin Housing Authority with assistance and policy direction from City staff.  The program assists households with first time home purchases at affordable prices.  All of San Rafael's affordable ownership homes have long term Resale Restriction that restrict the sales price to keep the unit affordable to low and moderate income buyers.  Additional information on the affordable ownership housing program including the application and program rules can be found on the Homeownership page of the Marin Housing site or at (415) 491-2550. 

Ownership Assistance

Many low income households are unable to enjoy the advantages of homeownership due to financial constraints.  These families often pay monthly rent that exceeds the monthly cost for a BMR unit.  Marin Housing Authority ("MHA") has Federal programs to assist low income households with home ownership, including the mortgage credit certificate program.  MHA has been able to provide every eligible BMR buyer with a mortgage credit certificate for over 10 years.  Additional information on these programs can be found on the Home Ownership page of the Marin Housing site or at (415) 491-2550.

Rehabilitation Grants

Low interest loans and grants are available to low income homeowners for rehabilitation and handicapped accessibility improvements.  The program is administered by Marin Housing and is only available to single family homeowners.  The majority of the loans are made to low income seniors.

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