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Funding for Housing Projects

Current Opportunities

Affordable Housing Trust Fund Pre-Application

Published: February 6, 2020

Proposals Due: By 5:00pm on March 6, 2020

Pre-Application available online: Affordable Housing Trust Fund Pre-Application 

The City of San Rafael maintains an Affordable Housing Trust Fund.  The revenues from this fund are intended to be used for the production or preservation of affordable housing.  The fund program sets forth the measures and procedures for administering the fund revenues. The program procedures include, among others, the use of a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) process to solicit, vet and select affordable housing projects that are eligible for the funds.

In preparation for the upcoming release of a NOFA, the City of San Rafael is conducting a pre-application process to solicit affordable housing proposals from proponents that would be interested in requesting funding from the City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund. The pre-application process is intended to inform the development of the upcoming NOFA, and to get a better understanding of the range of potential affordable housing projects that are planned in the San Rafael community that are potentially eligible for trust funds.

Funding Availability

Please note that no funding will be awarded based upon the submittal of a pre-application. As noted above, the City expects to issue a competitive NOFA process for funding from the City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund.  The amount, requirements, and review criteria for this NOFA will be directly informed by the projects submitting a pre-application.

However, upon the closing of the pre-application process, and depending upon the pre-application proposals that are submitted, the City reserves the right to invite applicants from the pre-application process to submit a full application for funding through a rolling application process (separate from the NOFA process),which is outlined in the Guidelines for the Administration of the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

For the applicant’s reference, the full Affordable Housing Trust Fund application can be found here: Affordable Housing Trust Fund

Pre-Application Requirements

Applicants will be required to provide the following information, please make sure this information is available before begin your application:

  • Applicant Information
  • Co-Applicant Information
  • Project Description
    • Type of Eligible Activity
    • Type of Eligible Project
    • Summary of Project
    • Project Timeline
    • Project Readiness
  • Property Description (if applicable)
    • Property Type (ex. Ownership, Rental, Other)
    • Building Type
    • Property Unit Mix and Affordability Levels
  • Funding Description
    • Total Project Cost
    • Funding Sources & Amounts
    • Expected Funding Gap
    • Affordable Housing Trust Fund Funding Request

For questions related to this pre-application process, please contact Ethan Guy by email at or by phone at (415) 458.2392.

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