Fair Housing

It is the goal of San Rafael to have a strong sense of community and responsibility in meeting housing needs. By identifying responsibilities of all sectors within the community (neighborhoods, business, non-profits, government, etc.), we can effectively address the City’s housing needs and to assure effective application of
Fair Housing laws. The intent in this approach is to continue to be purposeful and creative in finding ways to increase local funding resources and/or financially equivalent incentives for lower income and special needs housing, and to take a proactive approach in creating and responding to opportunities to achieve San
Rafael’s housing goals.

Fair housing (Policy H-5 of General Plan 2020) is included as one of the goals and objectives of the General Plan 2020 Housing Element. Fair housing supports the these goals and policies support the following:

Taking action when necessary to prevent discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, marital status, ancestry, national origin, color, familial status or disability in San Rafael’s housing market.

H-5a. Fair Housing Program. Designate the Community Development Director as the Equal Opportunity Coordinator in San Rafael. Ensure that written materials regarding fair housing law are provided at various public locations, and that information about fair housing agencies and phone numbers is posted in places such as the City’s website, at City Hall, the Public Library, and other public places. As part of the Cooperative Agreement with the County on CDBG funding, continue to require a portion of the City’s allocation be directed to Fair Housing of Marin and/or other fair housing organizations. Continue to refer discrimination and tenant/landlord complaints to Fair Housing of Marin, or the appropriate legal service, county, state, or federal agency.

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