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Emergency Management

Be Informed

In a major disaster, it might be several days before vital city services are restored. San Rafael is exposed to a wide variety of hazards, both natural and man-made, including earthquakes, fires, severe storms and tsunamis. Your best defense is to be informed and prepared for emergencies, both at home and in your place of business. We've provided a number of resources to help you create a plan that will assist you during an emergency.

Get Alerts

Sign up on Alert Marin to receive critical information quickly in a variety of situations, such as severe weather, flooding, wildfire, earthquakes, missing persons and evacuations of buildings or neighborhoods. You’ll get time-sensitive messages wherever you specify, such as your home, mobile or business phones, email address, text messages and more. To sign up for Nixle messages from San Rafael PD, text your zipcode to 888-777.

Get Prepared

Ready Marin provides guidance, training and resources to keep you and your family safe during an emergency, whether you'll need to evacuate or shelter in place. You’ll find information and links to resources, checklists, and training opportunities. Prepare an emergency plan for your family now.

Get Involved

The City of San Rafael offers Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training to help neighbors work with each other and to be self-sufficient during a disaster.

Form or join a Neighborhood Response Group (NRG) in your neighborhood to build relationships, spread the word about disaster preparedness and be ready to respond to a disaster.

Learn how you can support the City Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC) after a disaster. The EVC will serve, train, rally and refer spontaneous and unaffiliated volunteers wanting to help during a disaster.

Attend an Upcoming event or training class

Each month there are multiple opportunities to become better prepared. Many events are also shared on, social media, and listed on the City Event Page. See a listing of the upcoming events here.

Prepare an Emergency Plan for Your Business

How quickly your company can get back to business after a fire, flood or earthquake often depends on emergency planning done today. Do you know the emergency plan for your place of work?


Get Ready 5th Grade

Get Ready 5th Grade, available to all 5th graders in the Bay Area, is a 1-hour lesson to learn about possible disasters in our area and how to take action and lead their family to prepare for emergencies at home.  If you have a child in the 5th Grade, ask their teacher if the program is being conducted in your school.

Disaster Recovery

Recovery activities are those necessary to restore services and systems to a state of normalcy. Recovery actions include damage assessment and those necessary to return health and safety systems (e.g., water) and services (e.g., acute health care) to minimum operating standards. Various recovery activities are likely to be long-term and may continue for many years.

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