Shirley Fischer, Citizen of the Year 2021

Shirley Fischer has dedicated her life to civic participation for the greater good of the community, and since she moved to Terra Linda 40 years ago she has been consistently active in bringing together community members and organizations to foster communication between residents and the City, to develop a common vision of community needs and … Continued

Apply to serve on the Pickleweed Advisory Committee!

We are looking for one Canal Neighborhood resident to serve on the Pickleweed Advisory Committee through the end of December 2024. The Pickleweed Advisory Committee provides valuable input in representing and advocating for the Canal area resident’s needs and wishes for programs and services and is a primary public networking resource between the Canal residents, … Continued

Apply today to serve on the Cannabis Industry Tax Oversight Committee!

We are recruiting for applications to fill one vacancy on the Cannabis Industry Tax Oversight Committee through the end of February 2024. The Committee’s mission is to monitor Measure G revenues and expenditures and conduct an annual report process. Measure G provides locally-controlled funding to support the administration of a cannabis oversight program, enhancement of … Continued

Municipal Clerks Week – Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Did you know that Ancient Greece had a city secretary who read official documents publicly? At the opening of a meeting, one of their duties was to read a curse upon anyone who should seek to deceive the people. Interestingly enough, City Clerks are reverting back to the times in Ancient Greece … Continued

Municipal Clerks Week 2020

Hey everyone, it’s that time of year again. May 3-9, 2020 is Municipal Clerks Week and we are going to celebrate its 51st anniversary! A lot happened in 1969:  Astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the Moon Woodstock attracted more than 350,000 rock-n-roll fans Sugar, Sugar by The Archies was … Continued

Virtual City Council Meetings

Our next City Council meeting will be held virtually and we have been testing, testing, and testing some more! Here’s what you need to know: 🎥 YouTube Live: To have your comments read aloud, write PUBLIC COMMENT before your message in the live chat section on YouTube. Also, if you want your name included make sure … Continued

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