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Animal Control

Animal control services are provided by Marin Humane through a contract with the County of Marin.

Animal Emergencies

Marin Humane Animal Services Officers respond to thousands of emergency calls and calls for assistance every year. If you require assistance, please call (415) 883-4621 and press “1” to reach help. This phone line is available 24 hours a day.

Animal-Related Complaints

Marin Humane Animal Services responds to all animal-related complaints. Visit Marin Humane's website for more information on how to file a complaint.

Lost and Found pets

Marin Humane's stray animal hotline is updated every night after 6:00 p.m. and includes animals brought to the shelter during the previous 48 hours. You can also search lost and found pets on Marin Humane's website.

Hotline: (415) 883-4621
Ext. 377 for dogs
Ext. 378 for cats
Ext. 379 for all other lost animals

Dog Licensing

Remember: Dog licenses are required by law for all dogs over the age of four months who live in San Rafael. For more information on how to license your dog, visit Marin Humane's website.

Pet Care Assistance

If you or someone you know is a low-income senior or other person in need who requires help caring for their pet, Marin Humane can help. Visit Marin Humane's website to learn more.

Animal Permits

San Rafael requires that all animal businesses have special operating permits through Marin Humane's Animal Services department. From dog hobbyists to commercial animal establishments, animals are ensured proper care under the regulations set forth under these permits. For permit applications and information, please call (415) 506-6209.

Animal Control Ordinance

Read our animal control ordinance, which includes all of the rules and regulations relating to all things animals.

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