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The City of San Rafael celebrates Pride Month

Legislative Advocacy

San Rafael focuses its staff and financial resources on the issues within our city boundaries. Occasionally, residents request the City to take action on issues outside of our jurisdiction. For such issues, San Rafael relies on the Legislative Committee of the Marin County Council of Mayors and Councilmembers (MCCMC).  Under the MCCMC structure, all the cities and towns of Marin County jointly contract with Emanuels Jones & Associates for legislative advocacy services. That firm reviews all proposed state legislative bills for their impact on Marin and takes action on specific proposals. This work includes, for example, advocating for the protection of local revenues during the state’s budget process, and preserving local control of housing.  The advocate coordinates visits to the Capitol for meetings to discuss these issues with state legislators and other state officials. The advocacy topics are decided by the MCCMC Legislative Committee, and all Marin cities and towns share the cost apportioned by assessed value and population.

Legislative Platform

The City's legislative and advocacy efforts focus on topics that specifically relate to City services in the following areas:

Local control

Support local control of resources, tools, and decision-making. Oppose preemption of local authority. Support the use of state incentives for local government action rather than mandates. Protect and enhance local government discretion.

City Finances

Protect and increase local funding, policies, or programs that impact the City's budget and economic health. Oppose unfunded mandates. Pursue or retain federal and state funding for key efforts. Protect local revenue sources at appropriate levels. Promote economic development.

Police, Fire, and Emergency Preparedness Issues

Support legislation, programs, and policies that impact the City's funding for and ability to provide police, fire, and emergency preparedness services.

Environmental Sustainability

Support programs related to and consistent with the City's Climate Change Action Plan including climate and environmental protection, zero waste goals, and sustainable building.

Land Use and Transportation

Support funding for transportation improvements, maintenance and rehabilitation. Preserve local control over land use decisions. Support affordable housing development. Promote livability and sustainable development. Support funding for parks and open space.

Find Your County, State, or Federal Representative

Not sure who your representatives are?  Click on the following links to find your County Supervisor, State Senate, State Assembly, or United States Congressional Representative, as well as information on how you can contact them.

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