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Re-roof, water heater, furnace, residing, windows, etc.

Please note:  these permits generally do not need plan review and are considered minor permits.  If your project is larger in scope than what is listed here you will need to proceed to Permits Requiring Plan Review.

Anyone can apply for a permit online, but if this is your first time applying, you will need to create a user account. These guides are available to help you: Homeowner,  Attn Contractors:  To apply for these permits you will need to have an account.  If you do not already have  an account for online permits  click here.   Please contact us if you have any questions.

Water Heater Replacements 

          Permit Type Plumbing Online

  • C/O water heater 100-gallon capacity and under
  • C/O tank-less water heater
  • New tank-less water heater (new installation requires a gas schematic to be submitted with you permit for review)

Furnace and A/C Replacements only 

            Permit Type Mechanical Online

  • C/O of Furnace, A/C units and Ducting.  (must be in same location)
  • New A/C units (a Site Plan will be required showing location of unit and distance from property line and neighbors windows)

Residential Electrical Service Upgrade (Note:  Service panel work only!  All other electrical work will refer to Permits Requiring Plan Review )

            Permit Type Electrical Online

  • Must be 200 amp maximum
  • sub-panels (New, change outs)
  • Must be installed in (or adjacent to) existing locatio

Re-roofs  (both Commercial and Residential)

            Permit Type Re-roof Online

  • No rooftop equipment to be removed and replaced
  • Only one overlay is allowed
  • Roof drains (if applicable) must meet minimum code requirements
  • Attic ventilation must be addressed if inadequate
  • You must provide a credible valuation for the work

Window Replacements Only   (Windows requiring a new opening to be cut will refer to Permits Requiring Plan Review

            Permit Type Window and Door Change Out Online

  • Retrofit windows & doors only (does not disturb framing or waterproofing)
  • Must meet current energy requirements
  • Must meet all other code requirements (Egress tempered where needed, minimum light and ventilation ratios)
  • You must provide a credible valuation for the work

Residing permits

          Permit Type Residing Online

  • For Condo’s to use the common area address when applying.  If you have questions call the division at 415-485-3367
  • If structural repairs are needed and there are plans to review please see Permits Requiring Plan Review for permitting.
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