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Category: Racial Justice

Community Conversation around Breonna Taylor Chalk Mural

On Thursday October 1, Lorenzo Jones, who previously helped the City with the #8cantwait task force meetings, facilitated a community conversation with 12 members of the community. City employees Cristine Alilovich, Talia Smith, and Iman Kayani also participated in the meeting. The purpose of the discussion was to hear feedback from those who have expressed … Continued

Police Seeking Identification of Suspect with a Weapon

Author: Lt. Dan Fink #447 Date: September 29, 2020 11:06 AM Case Number: SR20-06584 For the last few weeks, we have received a number of calls for service at the location of a mural honoring the memory of Breonna Taylor.  There has been high tension in the area because there are some individuals who are washing the … Continued

San Rafael Police Release Video of High-Risk Traffic Stop

On Aug 7, 2020, a high-risk traffic stop was conducted in San Rafael after police received a report of an armed carjacking. Despite similarity, it was the wrong car. The City has invited this individual to engage with the police officers who were involved to have a session of conversation and restorative justice with the … Continued

Restorative Justice Process Offered Following High-Risk Traffic Stop

On Monday evening, City Attorney Rob Epstein provided the City Council and the community with a description of an event that recently occurred involving a high-risk traffic stop.  Watch the video: Transcript of Mr. Epstein’s comments: I am going to offer some remarks on an incident that occurred last month. It was an incident involving … Continued

Breonna Taylor Mural in Terra Linda

On Thursday, September 3, the City removed a mural from the cement wall at the intersection at Freitas Parkway and Las Gallinas. We don’t typically notify the community when we do this type of work, but we think it’s important in this instance to share our reasoning.  The mural read “Breonna Taylor was killed 166 days ago and her … Continued

Racial Injustice – Next Steps

On August 17, 2020, the San Rafael Police Department brought proposed changes to the Use of Force Policy (Policy 300 of the Police Procedural Manual) to the City Council. The City Council voted unanimously to accept these changes. Here are a few highlights of the changes:  Police Chief Diana Bishop wrote her first Chief’s Preface to the Police Procedural Manual  This preface … Continued

Proposed Changes to Police Use of Force Policy

On Monday, August 17th, the City Council will review recommended changes to the City of San Rafael Police Department’s Use of Force Policy. In June 2020, Mayor Phillips signed President Barack Obama’s “Mayor’s Pledge” to review San Rafael’s use of force policing policies. Additionally, the Mayor assembled a community task force to assist City leaders … Continued

Books, movies, and other media exploring race and social equity

The San Rafael Library has curated a list of recommended books, websites, movies, podcasts, and videos that explore issues surrounding race and social equity. Communities across the U.S. are finally waking up to systemic racism against BIPOC, and in particular anti-Black racism. More than ever, white people and other allies are showing up, listening and … Continued

City Manager and Chief of Police make comments about racial justice

At the June 15, 2020 City Council meeting, City Manager Jim Schutz and Chief of Police Diana Bishop made comments about racial justice. Watch this video to see their full remarks. Full transcript: City Manager Jim Schutz Thank you Mayor and Council. As you know, this is the time on our agenda when I typically … Continued

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