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Books, movies, and other media exploring race and social equity

Posted on July 9, 2020

eResources about Anti-Racism and Equity

The San Rafael Library has curated a list of recommended books, websites, movies, podcasts, and videos that explore issues surrounding race and social equity. Communities across the U.S. are finally waking up to systemic racism against BIPOC, and in particular anti-Black racism. More than ever, white people and other allies are showing up, listening and learning, educating themselves on racial inequities in the U.S., and committing to do the internal and collective work of dismantling white supremacy. These are great resources for those who want to expand their understanding of systemic racism, privilege, and the long legacies of slavery and racial injustice in American history. By no means is this a full comprehensive list, however, it is here to get everyone started on the trail of understanding what’s happening. Check it out.

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