In response to community concerns about noise the San Rafael and Novato City Councils have established a Quiet Zone effective immediately. The train horn will not blow at railroad crossings.

Filming in San Rafael

Our city is a Film Friendly Community.  We have many unique locations to choose from including  our downtown area, where American Grafitti was filmed in 1973 with Ron Howard and Richard Dreyfuss and the San Rafael Civic Center where Gattaca was filmed in 1997 with Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman.

13 Reasons Why

The Paramount/Netflix film production ’13 Reasons Why’ will begin streaming on March 31. San Rafael was the home base of this new streaming series about teen bullying - several neighborhoods (including Gerstle Park, Peacock Gap, Bret Harte, West End, and Downtown) are featured throughout the series. Based upon a best-selling mystery novel about teen bullying, this is a highly anticipated project with a lot of buzz in the film industry - Selena Gomez is the Executive Productive and Tom McCarthy directed the first two episodes (won Academy Award for best film for recent movie ‘Spotlight’ and he also directed ‘The Station Agent’).  We are looking forward to trying to identify the many San Rafael locations in the series.


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