Parking Permits for Movers

Moving Downtown?

If you are moving to the Downtown area and need to reserve a specific space that has parking restrictions such as a meter, time limited space, yellow zone, etc., or you simply want to reserve a space to ensure that it’s available to you, you should contact the Parking Services Division by email or by phone at (415) 458-5333.

Meter bags and "No Parking" signs

Meter bags and "No Parking" signs may be purchased at the Parking Services office at 1060 D Street. If you are interested in meter bags and No Parking signs, please fill out out our online form. You should contact the Parking Services Division as soon as possible because in some cases, they are required to place signage at least 72 hours in advance.

How big is your truck?

Depending on the size of your moving truck, you may need to contact the Department of Public Works to find out if you will need an encroachment permit.

Actively loading or unloading?

A parking permit is not required for a moving truck anywhere in San Rafael as long as you are actively loading or unloading.

If you are not actively loading or unloading and the vehicle is oversized or over 10K pounds (Commercial vehicles over 10,000 lbs. and oversized vehicles (exceeding 22 ft. in length OR 7 ft. in width OR 8 ft. in height, including load), they would be in violation of the newly updated ordinance.

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