In response to community concerns about noise the San Rafael and Novato City Councils have established a Quiet Zone effective immediately. The train horn will not blow at railroad crossings.

Business Licenses

Business License Division

Applying For a License

Most businesses in San Rafael must register for a business license (business tax certificate) and pay a tax and/or some service-related fees.  There are 4 types of business license applications for initial registrations or changes of ownership or location:

Managing Your Account

Once your business is in our system, you can use the website to renew your license, update basic account information, pay a balance due, or close your account online.  You can also perform these actions via email, fax, U.S. mail, or in person.

If your contact preference is email, your business license tax certificate as well as any renewal notices will arrive as a PDF attachment to an email from  Otherwise, your certificate and renewal notices will arrive via U.S. mail.

Our business license tax certificates do not display an expiration date so they can be reused as long as the basic information on the certificate is current.  You will not receive a new certificate every time you renew.  If necessary, the expiration date can be found using the Business Directory.

Note:  Inclusion in the business directory only indicates that a business is registered with the City and has paid or is in the process of paying any required business tax or related fees.  It does not mean that a business is in compliance with any other legal requirements, including zoning and fire codes.

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