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Snapshot –City Council Preview, Volunteer Opportunities, Events and Much More!!!

Snapshot en Español   Spotlight Photo Henry, The Elephant Tree Photo Credit: Cory Bytof, Sustainability Program Manager Last Quiz Question Congrats Marty Komitopoulos! Lonate Pozzolo, is San Rafael’s Italian Sister City.  Congratulations, Marty, and thanks for reading Snapshot! Scroll down to see this edition’s quiz and be the first to answer. San Rafael City News … Continued

Snapshot –Housing Element, Goals and Objectives, Events, and More!!!!

  Snapshot en Español   Spotlight Photo Mural at Artworks Downtown Photo Credit: Bernadette Sullivan, City Manager’s Office Last Quiz Question We gotcha! The photo featured in the last Snapshot quiz was of two pinball machines at Red Whale Coffee. Although no one correctly answered, the Star Wars pinball machine was just in time for … Continued

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