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FAQ Topic: Services

I received a correctable citation for “no current tab” or “expired registration,” what is the process to take care of this citation?

Within 35 days from the citation issue date you should obtain your registration sticker or current registration from the Department of Motor Vehicles and submit it to the office staff at City of San Rafael Parking Services. The staff will verify the current registration (we need to physically see your vehicle), sign-off the citation and accept the … Continued

How do I file a claim against the City?

The City Clerk’s Office receives all claims against the City of San Rafael. To file a claim,  fill out a claim form  and submit it in person or by mail to the City Clerk’s Office. City Clerk’s Office, Rm. 209 1400 Fifth Avenue PO Box 151560 San Rafael, CA 94915-1560

Do I need an encroachment permit if I am getting my sewer fixed?

If any part of the sewer repair work occurs under the sidewalk or the street, then the answer is yes. To submit an encroachment permit application, contact Public Works by email or call  them at (415) 485-3355. For more information on Encroachment Permits refer to San Rafael Municipal Code Section 11.04  

Who comes to my house when I call 9-1-1?

If the call is about a fire or a medical emergency, firefighter paramedics are the first responders to your home when you call 9-1-1. Since fire stations are located in neighborhoods throughout the City, the firefighter paramedics can reach your home quickly. If you need to go to the hospital, we’ll get you there.  If … Continued

What is the paramedic tax and how do I pay it?

Residents and businesses located within San Rafael, Marinwood and unincorporated county islands within San Rafael pay a tax for emergency medical services (EMS) as a part of their property tax bill. The tax helps fund emergency medical services including ambulances and paramedics at San Rafael Fire Stations. Residents of San Rafael and partnering jurisdictions are … Continued

What should I do if the sewage is overflowing?

Overflow devices are usually located near the building.  They may have lids or mushroom shaped caps on top of the sewer pipe.  Their purpose is to allow sewage from a plugged sewer to overflow outside of the building.  There is a chance the District sewer main is plugged and requires maintenance.  Please call (415) 485-3374.  … Continued

How do I get a passport?

The City of San Rafael does not handle passport applications. For more information on how to obtain a passport please visit your local post office or the USPS website. You can also visit the U.S. Department of State Passport Information website.

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