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What is the paramedic tax and how do I pay it?

Residents and businesses located within San Rafael, Marinwood and unincorporated county islands within San Rafael pay a tax for emergency medical services (EMS) as a part of their property tax bill. The tax helps fund emergency medical services including ambulances and paramedics at San Rafael Fire Stations. Residents of San Rafael and partnering jurisdictions are not billed for EMS related services outside of what their insurance covers. Anything not covered by insurance or for those that are uninsured are not billed. The most recent change to the paramedic tax rate was in 2022; the current tax rates for residential and commercial properties are:

  • Residential:  annual flat rate applied to residential unit
      • Marinwood – $85 per unit
      • Unincorporated County – $95 per unit
      • San Rafael – $104 per unit
  • Commercial: assessed on a per square foot basis
      • Marinwood – 11 cents per square foot
      • Unincorporated County – 13.2 cents per square foot
      • San Rafae– 13.2 cents per square foot

You pay the paramedic tax as a part of your property tax bill. To find more information on what you pay for paramedic service you can find your parcel number online and then look up your property tax bill.

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