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Pickleweed Advisory Committee

The Pickleweed Advisory Committee provides valuable input in representing and advocating for the Canal area resident’s needs and wishes for programs and services; and is a primary public networking resource between the Canal residents, representatives from governmental and non-profit agencies, and others. The Pickleweed Advisory Committee works in conjunction with the City of San Rafael.

To be determined

Eligibility Requirements
The Committee shall be composed of five (5) regular voting members which may include a youth member, plus one (1) alternate member. Each shall have the same duties and responsibilities and shall consist of the following:
1. Members of the Committee shall be at least 18 years of age, except for the youth member which shall be a minimum age of a first-year high school student
2. At least four (4) members of the Committee shall reside within the Canal neighborhood
3. One (1) member of the Committee must be a City of San Rafael resident but may reside outside of the Canal neighborhood.

Staff Contact
Steve Mason

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