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Northgate Town Square

Redevelopment of Northgate Mall into Mixed Use

City Project Team

Project Description

  • The Northgate Mall Redevelopment project proposes a comprehensive redevelopment of the existing mall into an open-air “main street experience,” surrounded by mixed-use development of retail and up to 1,422 residences. The Project proposes to reduce the existing commercial retail from 775,677 sq. ft. to 225,100 square feet and construct high-density multifamily residential buildings in the form of townhome units and apartment buildings ranging in height from two to seven stories.
  • Zoning Amendments – A Zoning Map and Zoning Text Amendment to the Planned Development (PD) Overlay Zone that outlines allowable land uses, development standards, and a development plan for the proposed project.
  • Development Agreement – A Development Agreement to set forth development terms between the applicant and the City.
  • Vesting Tentative Map – A Vesting Tentative map to divide the property into 18 parcels.
  • Use Permit – a Master Use Permit for a mix of uses and the phasing plan.
  • Environmental and Design Review Permit – An Environmental and Design Review Permit to approve the overall site plan, architecture, landscaping, building design and other site improvements for the project.
  • Master Sign Program – A Sign Program to specify the property name, logo, taglines, fonts, colors, and sign design used on all freestanding and building attached signs.
  • Density Bonus —
  • An incentive/concession/waiver to increase the height limit for project buildings across the property to 78 feet, including elevator penthouses and other projections of up to 12 feet above the 78-foot height limit. The applicant has indicated that it is making this request for an incentive/concession/waiver, in part, to enable current plans to include 100 lower-density townhomes along the southern edge of the Property. Previous plans included multi-family residential apartments of moderate height in this location. In response to City requests that the project include a buffer next to existing residential uses, the project applicant replaced apartments with townhomes to reduce heights significantly in this area.

Project Milestones

  • 2nd DRB Review. Staff will seek Design Review Board (DRB) and community input on the overall site plan for the entire project and will include review of: pedestrian and bicycle circulation; overall landscaping plan for the entire project; and on the architecture of the proposed new and updated commercial buildings.
  • 3rd DRB Review. Staff will seek DRB and community input on the architecture, site plan, and landscaping of the proposed new residential and mixed use buildings.
  • Draft EIR Release and Public Comment Meeting. A Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is released for a 30-day public review period; the City will accept written comments throughout the 30-day public review period.  In addiiton, a public meeting with the Planning Commission will be held to receive public input on the Draft EIR. The Draft EIR will include all of the relevant technical studies addressing topics such as traffic, utilities, water supply, noise, air quality, and biological resources.  This will be an opportunity for comment on the EIR.  The public can comment on other topics but the purpose is to receive input on the Draft EIR.
  • Target Planning Commission Hearing(s). The purpose of the Planning Commission hearing(s) will be to consider the Final EIR document and all of the requested entitlements for the project (e.g. design review, tentative subdivision map, zoning amendments and development agreement) and to provide a recommendation to the City Council regarding these entitlements. Such a recommendation could include recommended changes to the project.
  • Target City Council Hearing(s). The purpose of the City Council hearing(s) will be to consider the Final EIR document and all of the requested entitlements for the project along with the recommendations from the Planning Commission and the Design Review Board. The City Council will be the final authority for making a determination on all of the requested entitlements as well as on the Final EIR.

Environment Impact Report (EIR)

A DRAFT EIR is currently being prepared and will be added here once it is released for public review




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