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Water Conservation

Drought is here – it’s time to conserve

Only 20 inches of rain fell at Lake Lagunitas in the MMWD watershed during all of 2020; that’s about 40 percent of the average. In fact, 2020 was the second-driest year in 90 years. With warmer months ahead, it’s imperative that we all conserve water.

Take the Water Conservation Pledge

San Rafael Mayor Kate Colin signed up for the Mayor’s Water Conservation Challenge. Residents in participating cities not only learn simple tips to conserve water, but are eligible for hundreds of prizes.

Learn more and take the Pledge here. It only takes a few minutes and every person makes a difference.

Take Advantage of These Amazing Rebates

MMWD is offering rebates for the most impactful actions you can take: replacing your lawn, rain barrels, and installing Laundry to Landscape graywater systems (check them out – very cool!). They even have rebates for restaurants and food service facilities. You can even get a free Water Conservation phone consultation.

Check for Toilet Leaks – and Learn How to Fix Them Yourself

Did you know that leaky toilets are the biggest indoor waster of water and that often people don’t even know they have a leak? Some leaks can waste hundreds of gallons per day! Check out this cool resource we developed during the last drought for checking for leaks and fixing them yourself. It’s a simple DIY home project that you can feel really proud about doing yourself! Click the image below to download the Guidebook.

Fix a Leak Guidebook Image

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