Water Conservation

It's always a good time to conserve

We just came out of a historic drought, and climate change is making them more prevalent. It won't be long before we hit the dry season again. It benefits all of us to revisit our water use and keep up good conservation practices to help preserve our water supply. By adopting water conservation practices, we can all help ensure that we have enough for our needs, especially during times of drought.

Mayor Kate has signed on to the annual Wyland National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation again this year. Read below for more on how you can help. Let’s all do our part to conserve and keep our reservoirs full as long as possible!

Take the water conservation pledge this year and join Mayor Kate in conserving water! Water is a precious resource that we must work together to protect. View Mayor Kate's tips for saving water this year!

Flume installation with Mayor Kate and Councilmember Hill

Take the Water Conservation Pledge

San Rafael Mayor Kate Colin signed up for the Mayor's Water Conservation Challenge. Residents in participating cities not only learn simple tips to conserve water, but are eligible for hundreds of prizes.

Learn more and take the Pledge here. It only takes a few minutes and every person makes a difference.

Take Advantage of of MMWD Rebates and Resources

MMWD is offering rebates for the most impactful actions you can take: replacing your lawn, rain barrels, and installing Laundry to Landscape graywater systems (check them out - very cool!). They even have rebates for restaurants and food service facilities. You can even get a free Water Conservation phone consultation.

Laundry to Landscape: The Next Frontier

We use water every day. What if we could re-use what we use and keep our plants healthy too? Check out the County's Graywater Program and see if it works for you. MMWD has rebates to help!

Check for Toilet Leaks - and Learn How to Fix Them Yourself

Did you know that leaky toilets are the biggest indoor waster of water and that often people don't even know they have a leak? Some leaks can waste hundreds of gallons per day! Check out this cool resource we developed during the last drought for checking for leaks and fixing them yourself. It's a simple DIY home project that you can feel really proud about doing yourself! Click the image below to download the Guidebook.

Fix a Leak Guidebook Image

What is the City Doing to Conserve?

The City of San Rafael is also engaging in water conservation efforts all year long.

  1. We use recycled water from Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District in many areas of North San Rafael.
  2. All irrigation of turf areas in our parks and sports fields and in most of our non-recycled water landscaped areas are irrigated minimally and only watered between 7pm and 9am.
  3. Irrigation lines are inspected, and leaks are repaired as discovered (let us know if you see any that need attention).
  4. Hydrant filling is almost always being done with recycled water.
  5. The Sanitation District uses recycled water for pipe maintenance and flushing.
  6. Low flow faucets, shower heads, and toilets are in use at all of our facilities and will be maintained or replaced as necessary.
  7. Conservation reminder signs are posted in facilities to remind employees to be conscious of water usage.
  8. City fleet vehicles are washed at a minimum.
  9. Where applicable, dishwashers are operated only with a full load.
  10. Pool covers are in use to minimize water evaporation.

Thank you for doing your part to conserve our precious water supplies.

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