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Plastic Utensils “Ask First” Campaign

Check out the 17 businesses that joined the pilot in summer 2017

Have you ever gotten home with your take-out food only to find a bag full of plastic utensils and napkins that are destined to go straight in the trash? In our mission to reduce waste in San Rafael, the City teamed up with 17 downtown businesses as part of our “Ask First” pilot campaign. Each business has pledged to ask each customer if they would like utensils and napkins with their to-go order. Look around downtown for our “We ask before giving out utensils” stickers on restaurant businesses to see who has committed to reducing waste this way!

Double Rainbow Owner with Ask First sign
Sol Food employees with Ask First sign
Uncle Wing Menu and We Ask Sign

Reasons businesses stated they were asking before giving out plastic utensils:

Sol Food - “It’s so simple”
Double Rainbow Cafe – “We save money, help the environment & customers love it!”

To all of the businesses who participated - thank you for caring for the environment!
Arizmendi Bakery
Double Rainbow Café
El Burrito Taqueria
El Perol Restaurant
Extreme Pizza
Lee Coffee Shop
Los Moles Hecho en Casa
Magnolia Park Kitchen
Mauna Loa Hawaiian BBQ
Original Buffalo Wings
Saigon Village
Sol Food
Sushi to Dai For
Taste Kitchen and Table
Uchiwa Ramen
Uncle Wing Chinese Restaurant

Contact us to join the program and we'll give you one of these nifty window clings and some signage and tips. Contact Cory Bytof by email or phone at (415) 485-3407

Help Us Reduce Plastic Sticker
Whale You Help Us sticker
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