Please note:  City Hall and most departments/facilities will be closed from December 23rd through January 2nd. We will resume all services on Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

Salary Schedules

In an effort to promote government transparency and openness and comply with Assembly Bill 2040, we have included a link to the latest compensation information for elected officials, officers, and employees via the State Controller’s Government Compensation in California site.

Additional Resources: Employee Benefit Summary, Employee Agreements Employer-Employee Relations Resolution

Salary Schedules Term
AFSCME / Local 1 – Confidential 2021-2024
SEIU Child Care 2021-2024
SEIU Local 1021 2021-2024
San Rafael Firefighters’ Association (SRFA) 2021-2024
San Rafael Fire Chief Officers Association (SRFCOA) 2021-2024
San Rafael Police Association (SRPA) 2021-2024
San Rafael Police Mid-Management (SRPMMA) 2021-2024
Unrepresented Executive Management 2021-2024
Unrepresented Mid-Management 2021-2024
Western Council of Engineers (WCE) 2021-2024
Temporary, Seasonal and Fixed-Term Salary Schedule Effective January 2022


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