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Salary Schedules

In an effort to promote government transparency and openness and comply with Assembly Bill 2040, we have included a link to the latest compensation information for elected officials, officers, and employees via the State Controller’s Government Compensation in California site.

Salary SchedulesTerm
Public Employees Union Local 1 – Confidential2018 – 2020
 SEIU Child Care Salary Schedule2016 – 2019
SEIU Local 10212018 – 2020
San Rafael Firefighters’ Association2018 – 2020
San Rafael Fire Chief Officers Association 2018 – 2020
San Rafael Police Association2018 – 2020
San Rafael Police Mid-Management2018 – 2020
Unrepresented Executive Management2018 – 2020
Unrepresented Mid-Management2018 – 2020
Western Council of Engineers2018 – 2020
Part Time, Temp, Intermittent & Seasonal Salary Schedule 2018


Additional Resources: Benefit Summary, Employee Agreements Employer-Employee Relations Resolution

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