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General Plan 2040 is here!

Click here to review the Draft General Plan

Click here to review the Downtown Precise Plan

Click here to review the Draft and Final EIRs

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Barry Miller
Project Manager

Welcome to the San Rafael General Plan 2040 Website! 

On August 2, 2021 at 7 PM, the San Rafael City Council will consider resolutions adopting General Plan 2040 and the Downtown Precise Plan.  The Council also will consider a resolution adopting a Statement of Overriding Considerations (related to the Environmental Impact Report) along with ordinances amending the Municipal Code to implement the Downtown Plan.  The latest versions of each document can be found at the links below:

For more information on the August 2 City Council meeting, click here.

The General Plan provides San Rafael’s vision for its future, including policies for the future growth and conservation of the city.  It is a State-mandated document and covers topics such as land use, transportation, housing, open space, conservation, community design, and safety.  San Rafael’s current General Plan was adopted in 2004 and looked ahead to the Year 2020.  The “future” envisioned by that Plan will soon be history.  It’s time to look ahead to the next 20 years!


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